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The Additional Charges that are divided between your business and the driver will be located under the Locations settings in the ADDITIONAL CHARGES section.

Additional Charges and Gap Fees are a great way to break down your costs and pay your drivers more through clients.

Additional Charges can be anything that you think is a valid proposition to both the consumer and your driver.

  • We had a peak gas prices just a few months ago and implementing a Gas surcharge that goes to the driver ensured that drivers wouldn't decline orders because they know they're getting compensated fairly.

  • Another great way to utilize Additional Charges is a
    Large Order pickup fee if your drivers are processing grocery orders and similar scenarios!

  • Credit processing fee on credit orders is also a pretty common additional charge that some businesses collect.

You can customize how additional charges are applied and also to which restaurants.
You are able to select specific times, shifts, order $ amounts and many more options to suit additional charges to your business needs.

Reference the video below in order to see exactly how to split these charges up.

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