How do I Assign an Order to a Driver?

When you get an order on your dispatch screen, you'll likely want to assign it to a driver.  You might have assigned the order to the driver, but you still need to send it to them.  When dispatcher sends order to DeliverLogic App the order only shows up in order statistics "in process" and "total" but under Orders it shows No current orders, until you SEND it to them as well.  Please see the step by step instructions below.

Manual Assign

Follow the steps below:

  1. Click the Order.

  2. Click the Driver that you'd like to assign the order to.

  3. Click Assign. 

    1. This assigns the order to the driver, however does not send the data to them.

  4. Click the order again.

  5. Click Send to Driver.

Drag and Drop

Follow the steps below:

  1. Click and Drag a driver from the driver box.

  2. Drop the driver into the order that you'd like them to be assigned to.

  3. You'll still need to click the order and click Send to Driver.


It is worth noting that you can consolidate the assigning of the drivers to a one step process by changing your settings in the Dispatch Settings area of the site.