Courier Order Setup - ICP

Looking to increase your order volume?

We make it easy to receive orders from over 100 national brands through your admin panel.

This is a great way to capture extra order volume to keep your drivers busy.

Example: A customer is ordering delivery on You automatically send Dennys a quote to bid on delivering the order. If you win the bid, the order automatically shoots into your dispatch system and your driver may execute the order and both the driver and your company get paid.

In this article we will go over all the steps you need to take to get this feature setup as well as a instruction video.

To navigate to this section simply go to LOCATIONS > SELECT YOUR LOCATION and from here
select the COURIER ORDERS tab.

First thing you will need to set up are your ICP FEES which will determine a variety of different variables:

  1. Flat pickup fee: No matter what the distance/time to complete the order is there will be a flat $ amount to pick that order up.

  2. Per mile fee and Per minute fee: these 2 variables work together but only ONE will be applied to the order, whichever is greater after the equation that gets pulled from Google Maps, meaning if something is 2 miles away but 10 minutes away it will take the Per minute fee because that’s the greater, but if an order is 5 miles away but the drive will take 3 minutes than the Per mile fee will be applied.

  3. RDS Commission fee: this fee is being added to the Flat pickup fee + Per mile/minute fee to create the final DELIVERY FEE for the customer. Your drivers will receive a portion of the first 2 fees but only your Delivery Service will receive the RDS Commission fee (it’s good to change these fees up from time to time and see what works best for your market)

  4. Driver Commission %: The amount that % amount that the driver receives from a Courier Order they delivery, it’s calculated with Flat pickup fee + Per mile/minute fee

  5. Subtotal Overage %: If the Subtotal of the order multiplied by the Subtotal overage % is greater than the total base fees which includes (flat+per min/mile+RDS com) then we use the subtotal overage number as the fee.
    Example: Fees quoted = (3+2+2) or 7; and Subtotal Overage % = 10
    If subtotal = $60 than 60(.10) = $6 since 7> than 6 we use the fees quoted or $7
    If subtotal = $100 than 100(.10) = $10 since 10 > than 7 we use the use the subtotal overage or $10 adding and addition $3 to the Fees quoted $7.  That $3 is then split based on your Subtotal % Overage Driver Commission %.

  6. Subtotal % Overage Driver Commission: This % will split the Subtotal Overage above and the % you set will go to the driver as extra earnings on bigger orders.

  7. Restaurant Pickup Time Buffer: Amount of time (in minutes) that a driver on average needs in order to reach this restaurant.

Now after you have your GLOBAL FEES adjusted you should consider adjusting “Brand specific fees” which are by default replaced by “Global fees” dropdown that is located right under ICP Fee Setup.
This option will let you setup specific prices and quoted times for any number of national brands that we integrate with. (For example: a Five Guys restaurant might be in the center of the town where you can get a driver in 5 minutes but a Chipotle location is located downtown where a driver has to get a parking spot and the area in general has a lot more traffic which will reflect the pickup fee, mileage fee, etc etc)



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