Intro and overview for Zoning and Delivery Fees (REQUIRED)

In order to set up your business properly you will have to create a ZONE and Delivery Fees.

In this article you will learn where things are located and what they do in general, afterwards we will go into detail of each section and show you our Suggested Method and other methods you can use.

We will first navigate to the LOCATIONS tab in your Admin Backend.

After that navigate to the ZONING tab in order to create a zone and add all the zip codes you will want to deliver to.

IMPORTANT: You HAVE to have a zone set up in order for your restaurant profiles to show up on your website for customers that input their address in. The restaurants they will see will depend on a few variable that we will set down below including but limited to: Maximum Distance, Minimum Order, Tier, etc..

Once you have your zone set up we will go over to the DELIVERY FEES section.

Here you will be able to apply a variety of changes on how you charge your customers for delivery and what qualifies for a delivery prior to it being sent to the restaurant.


For a visual representation of this intro please see the video below:


  • Zoning

  • Delivery Fees

  • Set up Deliver Fees

  • How to set up a zone

  • How to add zip codes

  • How to set up Delivery Fees