Partner Auto Pay - Tracking Restaurant and Driver Auto Payments and Reconciling Issues

This article guides you through the process of managing auto payments for drivers and restaurants, including identifying and resolving payment discrepancies.

If you would rather have a visual representation please see a walkthrough video below.

Reconciling Issues:

  1. Driver Cash Out Report:

    • Navigate to the "Driver Cash Out Report."

    • Select a location with known issues.

    • Filter the report to "Last week" and "Auto Paid (Unbalanced)".

    • Run the report.

  2. Reviewing Discrepancies:

    • Analyze the report for drivers with discrepancies between "Earned" and "Paid/In Transit" values.

    • For example, if a driver earned $20 but was paid $39, an overpayment occurred.

  3. Taking Action:

    • Choose one of the following options to address the overpayment:

      • Future Order Deduction: Deduct the overpaid amount from a future order's payout.

      • Auto Pay Pause: Temporarily disable auto pay for the driver and manually manage future payments.

  4. Pausing Auto Pay:

    • Go to the driver's user profile.

    • Scroll down and disable "Partner Pay".

    • Wait for future orders to accumulate and manually mark them as paid with a note referencing the overpayment and order number.

  5. Documentation:

    • Record the adjustments made in the order notes and the driver's account.

Understanding Payouts:

  1. Driver/Restaurant Account Impersonation:

    • To understand why a driver or restaurant received a specific payout, use the "Impersonate" feature.

    • Open an incognito window and log in as the driver/restaurant using their credentials.

    • Go to "Manage Payments" > "Payouts".

    • Here you can review the payout details, clicking the eye icon will pop-up a new window which directly comes from Stripe so you can use to for further explanation.

  2. New System Improvements:

    • The team is developing a new payment system to eliminate discrepancies and simplify tracking.

    • The new system will display a single line per order reflecting the final payout amount.

Support Resources:


  • Auto pay discrepancies are temporary and the new system will address them.

  • Regularly run the "Driver Cash Out Report" to identify and address issues.

  • Use the "Impersonate" feature for detailed payout explanations.

  • Contact support if you need further assistance.

We hope this article helps you effectively manage auto payments and reconcile any discrepancies that may arise.


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