DataCenter Reactivation and Going Back Live

Update July 13th at 833AMCST: We are still waiting on one of the servers to come back up, at which time we plan to turn everyone back on.

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Update July 13th at 928AMCST: We are still waiting on one of the servers to come back up, at which time we plan to turn everyone back on.

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Update July 13th 1015AMCST:
Hello everyone, we are happy to announce that we will be turning our services back on at 11:15AM EST.


-All servers are not back online so there may be unforseen issues.

-TO GUARANTEE shutdown must be done at the location to ensure inactivity.

-If a Message needs to be included you can temporarily close your service

-Open For Business > Normal Hours Override ( the message may not display to all customers)

-Automated Dispatch service may not be available until after lunch.

-Be on the lookout for random issues

  • If any critical issues come about we may be forced to shut back down.

We look to have all services back online prior to Dinner

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Please Read:

We should be coming back online in the coming hours and wanted to do our best to prepare you for what to expect. First off, since the fire was in the UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) Room. This means that the actual discs and data itself should be safe. Once access is restored, we expect everything to be just as it was when we lost access on Monday.


Things to Consider Before We Come Back Up:

  1. Have a marketing plan in place for when you come back up.

  2. Contact drivers, CSR's and restaurants to let them know the current situation and that we hope to be active again by Thursday afternoon July 13th, but don’t know this for certain.


Things You Should Do Once You Have Access To Your Site:

  1. If you are NOT intending to be open immediately following the outage, then you’ll want to put a normal hours override in place first thing once you have access.

  2. Check the dispatch board for any active orders which have come in since re-activation and handle those.

  3. Put a test order in via web and also via your app. Everything should work properly, but we want to ensure that if anyone finds anything funky, that you alert us through the support desk.

  4. Using the filter function on the dispatch screen, filter back to Monday, July 10th.

    1. Any orders from that date which were actually delivered, you will want to mark as delivered.

    2. Any orders which didn’t end up getting fulfilled, you will want to mark as cancelled.

    3. Any orders which the restaurant made, but the customer did not receive, you’ll want to adjust by issuing a full order credit to the consumer and mark the order delivered so that the restaurant would still get paid for the order

  5. Repeat step 4a, b, and c, but for Tuesday and Wednesday, July 11th and 12th.

  6. Batching > navigate to Reports > Financial > Credit Batch. Batch all orders that aren’t batched from the past week.