POS Integration

We currently use two Middleware companies to help facilitate POS integrations. A Middleware company is a software company we use/partner with to do these integrations. They have the "language" we need to "talk" to the many different POS systems out there.

  1. POS Compatibility:  First, check to see if the pos brand is available for integration 

    1. ItsACheckMate Supported POS list can be found by going to this link and looking at the “POS” dropdown. https://mm.itsacheckmate.com/sign-up

    2. Chowly also supports 6 of the major options: Toast, Clover, Square, Upserve, Revel, Aloha

  2. Request Form: This is on the info tab for each restaurant in your rdslogic backend


    Once you verify the POS brand is compatible, please go to POS Integration Request Form and follow the instructions based on which Middleware Company you will be using (Either Chowly or ItsaCheckmate)

Note: if you do not see the POS brand on the list, that means we are not able to integrate with that POS brand at the moment. Check back every 2-3 months, our integration partners are making new POS brands available regularly.


  • ItsACheckMate: $35/month (this is a special price for a limited time) per restaurant location you integrate (charged only after successful completion of the integration). Supports 23 different POS systems

  • Chowly: $50 one-time setup fee, 0.39 per with a $39/per month minimum per merchant location.


The optimistic estimate for a location integration is 4-6 weeks. This timeline depends PRIMARILY on the responsiveness of the restaurant owner/manager and how quickly they can complete the tasks inside their POS necessary for the integration 

Other helpful articles on POS integrations:



  • Please tag @Juliette Reyes in slack with any questions regarding the onboarding process, pricing, and pos integration in general if you still have remaining questions after reading the articles above.

  • To reach ItsACheckMate Support team with issues AFTER restaurant location goes live with integration, please use the following channels:

  • To reach Chowly Support team with issues AFTER restaurant location goes live with integration, please use the following channels:

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