How to Impersonate a User

Have you ever wanted to see what a driver sees when they log into the backend of your instance of the system? Have you ever wanted to impersonate a customer or see what the site looks like as if you were logged in as a customer’s account? You are in luck! We have the impersonate feature which allows you to do this!



  1. Click on “users” from the main admin dashboard.

  2. Search for the user’s email address in the left hand field and click on the correct search result.

  3. Once you are in the correct user’s account, click the “impersonate” button in the top right.

Note that you can impersonate driver, restaurant and customer accounts.

For drivers this can be particularly helpful when wanting to see a driver’s PartnerPay payouts. You can do this by using the impersonate button from within their user account.

For customers this can be helpful if wanting to cancel their DeliverClub membership, just impersonate the user and then click Membership and cancel.


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