How to create Menus and Menu Items

This article will show you how to Create a menu, menu headins and items as well as options and sub-options you can use to make your menu items customizable and flexible.

These options are also essential if you’re working with restaurants that have Build Your Own items like Burgers, Bowls, etc…

Once you have created a basic menu with the Headings and Items you need you can further customize these items by adding “Options” and “Sub-options” also known as Modifiers.
Due to the amount of steps that some Options and Sub-options require the best way is to follow a visual video guide in the last video at the bottom of this article called
“DeliverLogic - Menu Creation - Part 2 Options and Sub-options”

If you encounter any errors when using our Automated Menu Builder or manually creating Menu Items and Heading please submit a support ticket so we can investigate and fix any issues and bugs you may encounter.


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