User Level Automatic Discounts

You can now create custom Coupon Codes that will be automatically applied to customer's checkout page if it's applied to their User profile.

It's sometimes hard to justify but if you have great customers and reward them for being loyal, you will build long-lasting relationships with your community that will bring you a stable stream of revenue that's predictable and reliable.

Through automated discounts for specific users you're also showing them that you appreciate their business which can prove useful in promoting your business further between those users and their relatives and friends through word of mouth, which is always going to be most effective form of marketing.

This process requires a few different steps, please follow the Scribe guide below.


Once these coupon codes are assigned to the user, they will receive discounts on EVERY QUALIFYING ORDER!
In order to stop this you will have to go back into each customers profile that you set this code to and manually UNASSIGN that coupon code from them.
It’s always good to keep a small spreadsheet table of customer names and emails that receive these discounts so you can remove them when needed.
In case you have to re-do or remove ALL users, simply delete this discount code that you created for automated redemption.


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