Deletion of Coupon Codes

Customer Question: "I do not see a way to delete coupons without going though each one and setting the expiration date. Please delete all current valid coupon codes in system."

Step-by-step guide

  1. It is not recommended to delete out old promo codes, as they should simply be set to expire when desired. 

  2. It is important to keep records of the usage of those codes and this is why we don't allow the ability to delete them. 

PLEASE NOTE: We can (this one time) run a script that marks all of them as being expired on a particular date in the past. This way they won't be good to use anymore on your site, but you'll still have the usage records. If you need this to be done please submit a support ticket and tag the component of "Query Requested" and submit as a "General Support Issue".

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