User Roles and Page Permissions


In order to ensure your employees, drivers and/or managers have the right set of permissions to your admin backend you can utilize the PERMISSIONS in your admin backend.

From here you will be able to select a specific “PAGE” and look at which user type (Administrator/CSR/Data Entry/Designer/Dispatcher/Manager/Support) has permission to it.
For example: “ Drivers - admin/user/drivers “ by selecting this page you can see which user type has access to Manage your location drivers and their phones.

Additionally you can quickly see which permissions specific user types have by running the report shown in the picture below. REPORTS > MISC > PAGE PERMISSIONS

Reference the video below for detailed information on how to find and modify permissions and which Roles can execute which functions.


  • User roles

  • User permissions

  • Driver permissions

  • Manager permissions

  • Admin permissions