Stripe Dispute Inquiry


In our credit card disputes section. It says "Warning Closed (Inquiry)" highlighted in green, which makes me hope we won the dispute. I've never seen it before so I don't know what this means.


If you see an "inquiry" it means the bank is looking into it and will either convert it to a normal dispute or let it go (as it did in this case).  The initial difference from a normal full dispute is that the amount and fee are not taken unless/until it converts to a normal dispute.  Here's Stripe's section on the matter:


Some card issuers may begin to investigate a payment before creating a formal dispute, and request further information about it. This is known as either an “inquiry” or “retrieval”, depending on the card brand. Unlike a formal dispute, no funds have been withdrawn and the payment it relates to can still be refunded. Inquiries are common for American Express payments, as are retrievals for Discover cards. Mastercard and Visa almost always create a full dispute immediately.

Inquiries and retrievals still appear as disputed payments in the Dashboard. To avoid it becoming a formal dispute, you should submit any required evidence or refund the payment in full. This marks the inquiry or retrieval as resolved and no dispute fee is incurred.

Many inquiries or retrievals are the result of the cardholder not recognizing the transaction, and providing basic info about your business and what was purchased is usually sufficient to close the case. However, if the cardholder refutes your evidence, or the card issuer considers it insufficient, the card issuer might escalate the inquiry or retrieval into a formal dispute and reclaim the cardholder’s funds. It’s important to resolve the case while it is still in the inquiry or retrieval stage.

Regardless of which option you choose, it’s always best to reach out to your customer first to get more information about the reason for the inquiry or retrieval. Failure to respond to an inquiry or retrieval with sufficient evidence may lead to a full dispute that cannot be remedied. Always respond to inquiries and retrievals as if they were formal disputes, and make every effort to resolve issues with your customer during this stage.
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In general, anyone at any time can submit a dispute claim if they believe that a payment made through our platform was unauthorized, fraudulent, or otherwise problematic. Dispute claims can be filed for a variety of reasons, including but not limited to:

  • The payment was made with a stolen credit card or other unauthorized payment method

  • The payment was made for goods or services that were not delivered as promised

  • The payment was made in error or was otherwise fraudulent

If you have received dispute claims related to specific orders, we would recommend reaching out to the customers involved to remind them about the order(s) and see if you can work something out to remove the disputes. It's possible that the dispute was filed in error or that the customer simply needs more information about the payment to understand what it was for.