How to Display a Star Next To New Customers on Dispatch Screen

Knowing when a customer places their first order can be a very important thing that can sometimes help you acquire a long time customer.
Doing this is possible through our dispatch screen and our marker as seen below and we will take a look at 2 different scenarios that will affect how the star marker shows up.

In this case our Site Settings are default and we will see a star next to a name of customers that either have:

  1. Notes (added through Quick Info order lookup for that specific customer)

  2. First order placed for that specific customer

In this case our Site Settings are tweaked and we will ONLY see a star next to a name of a customer that placed their first order.

In order to modify this and/or turn the star markers off completely simply navigate to your admin backend and select SETTINGS.









Once you are here you can either navigate to MANAGEMENT DECISIONS tab on the left hand side of the screen OR you can utilize our awesome Settings Search Filter as seen below

As mentioned above, the “Show Star on Customer Notes?” setting will be turned on by default so by also turning on the “Show Star only for First Time Customer?” you will technically disable the star icon on customers that have notes and only display stars next to First Time Customers.

Remember, if you implement good marketing strategies and put a personal touch on your first time customers, this can help you immensely in having a loyal following of people that will appreciate little things you do and will keep ordering multiple times a week.
Please let us know if you have any questions and below you will find a visual representation of how to activate the star feature for new customers.



  • Dispatch star

  • Star icon customer notes

  • Star icon for new customers