Additional Surge Delivery Fee Setup (OPTIONAL)

If you haven’t checked out this article yet please do so because that is our recommended setup for Delivery fees.

You can find this setup next to the default tab that opens when you access MANAGE FEES under a restaurant profile.

Additional Surge Fees are OPTIONAL and usually work well for locations that have longer drive times because it utilizes a “per minute” setup.

If Mileage Based Fees are enabled, this will be presented as a "Surge Fee" to the customer.

The number of minutes for the shortest route will be multiplied by this number and if it’s greater than the established delivery fee, the difference will be added as a "Surge Fee" line item on the total.

If a delivery is 10 miles away and the current delivery fee is $5.99 and your Per Minute Surge Fee is set to $0.75 the system will compare the 2 and use the greater number.
Now this means that the regular $5.99 is smaller than 10 miles x $0.75 which equals to $7.50.
Customer will still see a $5.99 DELIVERY FEE but they will also be charged the difference of
$7.50 - $5.99 which is $1.51 and it will display as a SURGE FEE.

For a visual representation of this feature please watch the video below:


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