How to Set Minimum Age For Menu Items and Driver's Age

This does not enforce or do anything on the front end for customers.
It only works when assigning drivers.
When using Auto Dispatch, if there is an age restricted item it won’t assign driver automatically and will warn if you attempt to do so manually.

In order to set the Minimum Age needed to DELIVER said item you will have to go to:

  1. Menus

  2. Select Location/Restaurant of the menu you would like to edit

  3. Select the Menu Heading

  4. Select the Menu Item you would like to edit

  5. Finally under the “Min Age” tab input the MINIMUM AGE needed for Drivers to deliver this item


In case you previously haven’t filled out the “BIRTHDAY” field under your Driver’s USER profile, you will have to go back and fill this out in order for this feature to function properly.

You can see the full Driver Creation Guide here:


Once this has been set up Auto Dispatch will not automatically assign and send Age Restricted orders to drivers that are underage.
Furthermore if you try to assign orders that have Age Restricted items manually, dispatch will warn you about them to ensure you double checked driver’s age.


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