How to Create and Activate a NEW Driver Profile

In this article we will cover all the important things of creating a new driver in your system.
(Scroll all the way down if you would like to see a video representation of this guide)


In order to activate a driver account we will first navigate to the USERS tab in our admin backend
After which we will user the driver’s e-mail address to create a DRIVER type account.
Once you have created this Driver’s USER profile, make sure you fill out as much information as possible as well as the BIRTHDAY field in case you’re delivering any Age Restricted items like alcohol, medicine, etc… (This field is needed so our AutoDispatch software can flag these orders for further review)
Once we have done that we will get pulled into that driver’s user profile and then
we will navigate back to the admin backend panel to access the DRIVERS tab.


Once we are in this section we will navigate to the
MANAGE tab in order to fill out some important information for our new driver.

Default Location  - YOU HAVE TO SELECT A DEFAULT LOCATION in order for your driver to become fully active.

First Name - Required

Last Name - Required

Email Address - Required

Password - Required for first time login

Phone Number - Required for Password reset and Phone tab management

Status - Active (If unchecked your driver won’t be able to login into the app)

Driver Type - Independent / Hourly (Required for proper reporting)

Hourly Pay - Not required

Commission Structure -  Per Order ($ amount) / Delivery Fee Percent (0-100%)

Per Order / Delivery Fee % - Required for commission structure

Daily Lease Fee (If you’re leasing the driver delivery gear like bags, clothing, light up tops for cars, etc…)


Auto Dispatch Settings

Strength 0-100% (Default set to 75%, leave at default on start, read description and modify at your own risk

Prioritized Driver? Leave unchecked in the beginning and utilize if the driver has great delivery times and rating.
Allow Cash? - On by default, uncheck if you don’t want this driver to handle cash orders if you have any.
Allow PoP? - On by default, allows driver to process Pay on Pickup orders (Place in Person placement method in the Restaurant Info tab)
Pickup Pocket - None (leave off in the beginning unless you have specific zone separations)

Dropoff Pocket Blacklist - If a driver shouldn’t receive deliveries that are getting dropped off in a specific zone in your location

Restaurant Blacklist - If a driver shouldn’t receive delivery orders from specific restaurants

Allow Catering? Yes / No / Maybe 

Orders/Driver Override - Number value = 1 (Only one order at a time will be sent to driver by AD), 2 (2 orders at a time at most), etc…

Re-send Driver User Email Notification
(Must Re-Enter Password to Send Notification)

Re-send Driver User Text Notification
(Must Re-Enter Password to Send Notification)

Notes - Any notes you want to have for yourself about this driver

After we have completed the Manage tab with all the essential information we will navigate to the tab left of it named PHONES
in order to setup a communication relay for Driver to Customer and Driver to Dispatch messaging.

PHONES HAVE TO BE ASSIGNED TO DRIVERS IN ORDER FOR THEM TO PROPERLY RECEIVE NOTIFICATIONS ABOUT NEW ORDERS THEY’RE ASSIGNED (It’s always best to enable both Email to Text Relay as well as App Notifications at first to ensure drivers see their first few orders)

Add Phone

Name - Mandatory in order to organize this information in the future if needed.

Description - You can specify which driver it is if you have multiple drivers with same names, similar numbers, etc…

Phone Number - Used in order to Relay customer communication to the driver.

Email to Text Relay - This is the most important field that has to be filled out correctly in order for the driver to receive customer’s messages as well as get order notifications through text messages.
To make sure you are setting this field up properly please click on the highlighted HELP button to see the instructions.

Phone Email - The e-mail that’s configured with the driver’s phone, usually their personal address.

Driver - This selector will let you connect the Driver’s user account to their Phone account.

Default Order Communication (How order information will be sent to the driver, App Notifications are most effective but you can have all 3 enabled)

Email to Text Relay
App Notifications

Default Chat Communication (How Dispatcher and Customer messages are sent to the driver besides the in app chat function)

Email to Text Relay
App Notifications



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