Driver Floor Pay - CheckIn Approval by Dispatch

This article is an addition to the already existing feature here , please read that article first in order to understand why we’re having this additional feature implemented.

There are a couple of different things you need to know in order to understand this “sub-feature” fully”.

  1. This feature will ONLY SHOW on your Dispatch screen IF you have Driver Floor Pay activated.

  2. There are 3 different CheckIn options:

    -No Approval Required (by default this is what is selected)
    -Require Dispatch Approval (ONLY Dispatchers can manually allow the “Driver Floor Pay” CheckIn)
    -Require Dispatch Approval OR First Accepted Order (If you want to allow all your drivers to qualify for minimum pay with Driver Floor Pay once they check in dispatch can allow it OR they can accept the first order to start counting their minutes/hours for min pay)

  3. The time “worked” is counted ONCE the Driver CHECKS IN and NOT when their CheckIn is approved!

  4. Driver can STILL receive orders and AutoDispatch will give the drivers orders but you control if they’re receiving the minimum pay or not through the “Driver Check-in Control” option located in your Locations > Information tab.




  • CheckIn approval

  • Dispatch check in approval

  • How to approve check in for Driver Floor Pay