How to assign a default location to your driver

Can't find your driver in the "Drivers" area, or when attempting to manage a driver's information?


When going to the driver set up and clicking on the "manage" tab only a handful of active drivers are available. I went to reset a login password for a driver this morning and his name isn't showing up. We have about 25 active drivers that should appear, but only 10 show up.

This is likely due to no default location being assigned to your driver.

Here's how to fix this:

Step-by-step guide

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to assign a default location to your driver

  1. Select "Users" from your backend admin panel

  2. Search for your driver's information (Run Reports/Misc/User Roles to find info if you don't have it)

  3. On the "Account" tab, select the drop down box under "Default Location", and choose the driver's correct default location

  4. Press "Save"