Newly Added Restaurant Not Displaying or Not Working on Customer Facing Website

Have you created or added a new restaurant in one of your markets? Are you having issues with getting it to display or show properly on the front end? You’ve found the correct article. Please follow the steps below to ensure that your settings are proper.

IMPORTANT: If your restaurant was created with our restaurant/menu builder comes with the "Hide restaurant from customer" check box checked and it must be unchecked to show to the customers as seen in the picture below, make sure you uncheck this once you make any necessary edits or fixes in order for that restaurant to properly display on the customer facing website.


Please follow these steps to ensure that you have set your restuarant up correctly:

  1. Navigate to the restaurant profile.

  2. On the info tab, make sure that the restaurant is marked to ACTIVE.

  3. On the info tab, make sure that “hide restaurants from customer” is not selected.

  4. On the info tab, make sure that you have a menu applied to the restaurant.

  5. On the hours tab, make sure that you’ve inputted hours of operation for the restaurant.

  6. On the hours tab, make sure that you do not have a “normal hours override” set.

  7. On the manage fees tab, make sure that you have a zone applied to the restaurant. In most cases this is the main issue for a restaurant not displaying on your customer facing website.
    (Please see the article about setting your global default fees as well

  8. From the dispatch screen, please click the button on the top middle called “settings”, go to “restaurants and timing”… ensure that the restaurant is not listed as temporarily closed on the left hand side of this screen.

  9. The above steps are the most common found setup issues that lead to a restaurant not showing on the front end. If you have review all of these settings and they appear to be proper but your restaurant is still not displaying on the front end of the site, please submit a support ticket.

As a recommendation when you are setting up a restaurant profile, you should make sure that you are using GRANULAR PREP, by setting the static prep to 0, and inputting a per day or week per 15 minute increment prep time value into the fields available within the restaurant profile > prep time tab.

Also be sure that you have inputted a tax rate on the restaurant profile, because you will not be charging sales tax for orders from this restaurant unless you do so.


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