DeliverLogic Products and Services

In this article we will go over all the products and services that DeliverLogic offers.

Some of these services are automatically activated for you and some of them are new and upgraded services that you can add-on to your admin-backend and/or customer facing website.

If you are interested in trying some of these services or just want a more detailed breakdown, you can also submit your information HERE and we will reach out to you as soon as possible.

Dispatching Software

Our dispatch board allows you to manage EVERYTHING about your Delivery AND Takeout orders.
You’re able to customize it to your team’s preference or let our team of professionals take care of the dispatching for you.
Management of Drivers, Order Statuses, Timing, Order Assignement and many more are available in this section of the software.
Below you can see an example of our dispatching board with a few orders on it and how everything is sectioned out.

Smart Map

This map allows you to quickly see a map with real-time driver tracking so you can make management decisions with confidence.
You are also able to toggle real-time traffic data that’s pulled from Google Maps.

From customer profile creation, reward points management, order management and anything you might need to make your customers happy, our software has it all.

Utilizing our you can easily manage multiple customers as well as have a refined system in place for your future team of placers, dispatchers and/or customer service representatives.
Our Smart Customer Support system also allows you to quickly communicate with your Drivers and Restaurants as well.

Having a branded mobile app is a part of having brand identity.
Acknowledging that your business is unique and it’s own entity is important in customer acquisition and also a major part in competing with the “big dogs”.
Our designers can provide a fully customized app that will allow your customers to order Delivery and Takeout, place Future Orders, check their previous orders and re-order as well as manage their rewards points they can earn from your delivery service for their loyalty.
These are just a few examples of how branded mobile apps can improve your customer’s experience with the service.

Onboarding and keeping track of your drivers can be a very delicate and tedious job at times, especially if you personally have to manage more than a dozen of drivers per location.
Our software stores all the information you might need on drivers while also having auto-comms that go out to drivers by Text, Push Notifications and/or Email for order updates to keep the day-to-day friction to a minimum.

Our driver app will allow your drivers to quickly and efficiently execute orders while also being able to communicate to your or our dispatch team with ease.
Order updates, customer communications, restaurant and customer navigation and many other shortcuts are inside the app so your drivers are able to focus on what matters and provide your customers with a great experience.

Utilizing our Auto Partner Pay feature is a really good step towards eliminating your tedious tasks and utilizing our automation to help you build your business further.

Your Partners can be paid automatically on a cycle of your choosing (when setting them up on AutoPay).

Our restaurant app “OrderLogic” allows your restaurant partners to ditch the phone route and simply take a look at the tablet screen just like they would at their Expo line.
Loud alerts will make sure the cooks, hosts and/or managers don’t miss the orders.
They will also be able to mark the orders ready for drivers so they don’t have to wait inside the restaurant and create confusion with the restaurant staff.


Being our client and utilizing our software allows you to offer your customers even more discounts and get yourself better pricing on our software by joining the DeliverClub branch.

DeliverClub allows your customers to enjoy the benefits of FREE or discounted deliveries by joining the DeliverClub membership platform. Simply put for a small monthly fee they’re guaranteed a discounted delivery no matter how far they are OR a FREE delivery if they are close enough to the restaurant they’re ordering from.

This is a mutual partnership between us and our partners that benefit both parties by incentivizing customers to order more often while saving on delivery fees and also creating brand loyalty with your delivery service.

Spending hours doing busy work creating menus can be wiped away with our Automated Menu Builder solution, simply look up the restaurant's name or address and we will look for their menu only and create that menu automatically for you for a small fee.
Furthermore, you can easily keep these menus up to date by selecting “Auto Sync” for an additional monthly charge and just like that, in a few clicks you can save yourself from HOURS of work! 🥳

If you find menu creations tedious or just busy work that you would rather outsource,
why not do it “in house”?

Our team of professionals will create your menus no matter how complicated they are for a small fee.

Utilizing our 3rd Party Partnerships with brands like DoorDash and UberEats will allow you to handle more orders with fewer drivers when you’re in a pinch.
You can manually get quotes and send a 3rd Party Driver yourself or let AutoDispatch send orders once you hit an above-average Delivery Time Threshold.
Read on to learn how to process a quote and which new information you can see on your Dispatch screen here

Order with Google integration can Boost Your Restaurant Partner’s Online Orders

Enabling your restaurant to accept delivery and/or takeout orders seamlessly through Google Search and Maps directly on their Google Business Profiles.
With just a few simple steps, customers searching for food on Google can easily find, order, and reorder from your delivery service. By linking your restaurants and their merchant accounts with their Google Business Profile, an "order online" button and menu will be automatically added to their profiles, maximizing your online visibility and order volume.
Activate Order with Google in your market, provide exceptional customer support, and enjoy the benefits of increased revenue and a stronger online presence.

DeliverLogic's Automated Packaging Features:

  • A set up of an ActiveCampaigns (AC) account for you with 20+ automations combining emails and SMS.

  • Personalized emails and SMS branded to your business will be sent to customers based on their behavior (e.g., birthdays, orders placed).

  • Choose from different AC account options based on your customer base.

  • Start with the lowest tier for cost-effectiveness and target the most engaged clients.

  • You are able to onboard by filling out the form and selecting either expedited or waiting list onboarding.

  • Once set up, we'll provide credentials and a walkthrough video of the work done.

  • Automations for seamless, hands-free operation.

    For a full representation please click HERE

No matter where you’re conducting your business, we are able to provide you with a professional-looking website that will have a user-friendly interface for quick and easy ordering.

This great feature is our top efficiency tool.
It allows your drivers to grab 2 or more orders at the time IF our algorithm decides that they can be executed efficiently and IN quoted time.
Allowing your drivers to execute multiple orders at a time will make them happy and also motivated to be quicker and more efficient while making more money than ever!
This strategy also allows you to handle more order volume and possibly invest some of your profits into marketing and expand your business further!

Through our partnerships with Itsacheckmate and Chowly you are able to integrate menus inside our software through dozens of different POS systems that your restaurant partners are using.
This feature provides an easy solution for any menu changes and lowers the labor costs for your restaurant partners while also increasing the efficiency of your own team by alleviating the need for constant communication regarding any minor menu item changes.

If you are processing at least 500 orders per month OR using our dispatch and customer support services you can qualify to utilize our National Restaurant Partnerships to generate even more orders.
Some of our national partners are Five Guys, Hooters, Teriyaki Madness, Church’s Chicken, iHOP and more.

AutoDispatch is one of our most advanced products in the industry.
It will allow you to save time, be more efficient, and on top of all that save money on labor.
AutoDispatch utilizes multiple streams of information and platforms to calculate the best and most efficient routes, timing, drivers, and order placement times that tie up your order process in a well-oiled machine that can keep chugging every single day while you focus on growing your business.

Smart pay cards for Drivers and Online Restaurants allow you to connect your Stripe account and easily pay for food on Pay on Pickup order (Like fast food drive-thru and other chain restaurants) as well as Place Online portals like Bob Evans, Panera Bread, IHOP and similar.
If you activate this service you will have to follow these articles to properly set up

This service allows you to effortlessly update your customers on their order status via SMS and E-mail.

Push Notifications allow you to let your customers know about new restaurants you onboarded, your new promotions, specials and any major changes you’re going through right through their app.

Awarding your customers for their loyalty can greatly increase your order volume if done right with little to no expense to you as an operator.
Rewards marketplace allows you to offer your customers an easy way to earn for every $ spent with your business, they are able to then redeem those points for gift certificates for your Delivery Service or simply buy a gift card for any major business like Amazon, Visa, Olive Garden, etc…

How do customers redeem their reward points?
All gift certificates are emailed within 24 to 48 hours from the redemption of the rewards points.  RDS gift certificates are emailed immediately.
When redeeming for a gift certificate from a third party, it can take 24 to 48 hours for it to be emailed.
For third party gift certificate purchases, we invoice right away upon redemption.
You can get email notifications by adding an email address in the site settings > rewards redemption area.

Below you can see a Branded Customer App example for rewards redemption.


Provide delivery for national restaurant brands.

Customers receive your contact info on receipts, and full order status trackability.

Delivery fees + driver tips paid out to you on a bi-weekly schedule.



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