DeliverClub Enrollment and Benefits

We are currently putting this program on hold while we onboard clients that are already in the pipeline. We will continue accepting new clients into DeliverClub soon. Stay tuned via Newsletter Emails and Dashboard alerts.

DeliverClub is the first food delivery company offering equity share to its participating
delivery partners. DeliverClub isn’t just another food portal. We have taken our years of
experience in the food delivery business, coupled with our knowledge and expertise
working with hundreds of restaurant delivery servicers all around the United States, to
create both a unique and enjoyable user experience for consumers, and a pleasant
business experience for participating DeliverClub RDS partners.

By joining this program you also get a variety of discounts for our products and services:

  1. Dispatch and Per Order fee is lowered by $0.20 for all DC orders

  2. Credit Card processing is lowered to 2.59% and $0.29 per order

  3. Auto Dispatch capabilities are lowered to $0.15 per order

  4. Smart Pay cards functionality is FREE

  5. FREE POS Integration setup and only $0.29 per transaction for our National Partnerships

DeliverClub Membership is a program that allows your customers to save money on every delivery for a small monthly fee of $5.99.
You as the RDS also get to keep a portion of this membership fee which is $1 from each customer, next to all the discounts seen above.



There are 3 ways to participate in DeliverClub as an RDS:

  1. Earn points into the 10% Tranche by agreeing to fulfill orders/deliveries for DeliverClub


  2. Earn points into the 20% Tranche by agreeing to participate in the DeliverClub Marketing Programs,
    (3) Selecting to participate in BOTH the 10% and 20% Tranches (for a total earning potential into 30%
    of the company’s equity pool).

    Earn points for every delivery you complete through the DeliverClub portal.
    These points are directly related to the equity percentage you accrue as a participating RDS partner.
    Below you will see the selection breakdown for the available participation levels for the 10% Tranche.

We know running a small business is never easy. That’s why we’re making it extremely
simple and transparent to manage your DeliverClub orders, and monitor your DeliverClub
equity tranche shares.
You can enable the DeliverClub Module directly from your RDS system administration area,
in the marketplace.
Once you have activated the module, it will appear as a menu item in your Home Section.
Step 2: Enable the DC Module in your System


You will be walked through a tour of options that will allow you to set your participation
level in DeliverClub.
You can upgrade or change these settings from your DC Dashboard later on as well.
Once you complete the DeliverClub onboarding, you will have full access to your DeliverClub Management Module, which will allow you to manage, monitor, and analyze your DeliverClub business operations. Benefits to Early Adopters:

● Get a head-start on point accrual with more deliveries completed, compared to late adopters

● Be first to refer customers before a competing RDS acquires that same customer (and gets credited for all future orders made to that customer)

We are currently in the process of developing an extensive DeliverClub dashboard for all of our participating RDS clients.

This section of your RDS administration area will allow you to know exactly how many orders your are fulfilling through DeliverClub, run various revenue reports, and most importantly, view your real-time equity tranche points (based on ‘level of play’ you have opted into).

In addition to reports and totals, you will be able to analyze your current status in the equity tranches, and really gauge your ownership stakes at any given time.



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