Order Tags (Site Settings)

If you are looking to adjust tags that are restaurant related and are used on the customer facing website please follow this article:


These tags are mainly used on the dispatch screen so your dispatchers and customer support representatives can be on the same page about certain orders that are in progress. You can add these tags to the dispatch screen for your team by following this article

You are able to change Order Tags by using the steps below.

To Change the Tags

  1. Visit Site Settings from your Admin Dashboard

  2. Find the CUSTOMIZE YOUR WEBSITE section and enter whatever you'd like under the Order Tags line.

  3. The default ones are Called Customer | Not Available | Left Message | Can Not Contact.

  4. These Order Tags will be the ones that will show up if you select the “Order Tags” filter in the Report Generator.

Now that we know how to adjust which order tags we want to place we can go over how to apply the actual tags to orders:

  • Navigate to your dispatch board

  • Select the order you want to tag with an “Order Tag” and simply right click on it and select “Tag” option, here you will see the short form tags CC | NA | LM | CNC

  • If you accidentally put a wrong order tag on you can navigate to this same section and select “Remove Tags”

  • You are also able to add tags through the “Quick Info” tab when you right click an order


  • Once you select an order tag it will automatically be applied and you click the X to exit the quick info window

  • All Order Tags will be displayed in the Order Tags column on your dispatch board, if you are unsure why it’s not displaying you might have removed them, to add that column to your dispatch board again please visit this article