Bandwidth troubleshooting


Client is reporting drivers or customers are not receiving messages.


Determine if the client’s bandwidth is set up correctly

  1. The first step if to verify that the driver/customer settings are correct to receive the text messages
    If so, then we are going to move onto checking the bandwidth settings

  2. checking the clients RDS settings got to Settings>Smart Services and scroll down to the Bandwidth Settings section.

Specifically you are looking to make sure the client has their Location ID, Application ID, and Voice Application ID filled out.
3. Then you want to verify the client has local numbers in the remaining bandwidth fields. Specifically the Smart Relay Numbers should have 5 different numbers separated by commas. It is important that none of the phone numbers are repeated in any of these fields.
4. To Check these client values in bandwidth, first log into the dashboard, go to applications. Here you will find a list of all clients, there is a messaging and a voice for all of them. This is where you will find the application ID’s

5. Once you have clicked on a clients application, you will notice at the bottom an associated location and with that the amount of numbers connected to that account/location. To see the clients location number, click on the location name, to see the numbers associated with the client click on the numbers.
Ideally the client should have 9 numbers, 8 with local area codes and one 800 number.

6. If you get this far and find that the client doesn’t have enough numbers or they are not in the correct local to 800 ratio you can remove/add numbers.
To remove a number, from the My Numbers page click on the number you need to remove, then you will be able to click the Disconnect button on the right. Confirm that you want to remove the number and it will be gone from the location in bandwidth.

7. To add numbers you will navigate to the Numbers tab at the top left of the bandwidth page, then click Buy Numbers. Here you will be able to search for available numbers by area code or zip code if you don’t know the area code needed.

Once you have searched, you will need to select the numbers to add, then click continue at the bottom. You will then be taken to the check out page where you will select Clients as the sub account, and the client location as the location. and Finish by clicking Purchase at the bottom right.

8. You should now have all the clients numbers set up in bandwidth, and can ensure that RDS settings have numbers in all the needed values.

Bandwidth - Location ID -The location ID that is associated with the client in bandwidth
Bandwidth - Application ID -Application ID for clients Message Application
Bandwidth - Voice Application ID -Application ID for clients Voice Application
Bandwidth - Phone Number -One Local Number
Bandwidth - Relay Phone Number -One local Number

Bandwidth - Smart Relay Numbers -Five NON-REPEATED Local Numbers
Bandwidth - Marketing Numbers (Media) -One Local Number
Bandwidth - Marketing Numbers (No Media) -One 800 Number (can be 833 or 844)