Virtual Card Creation for Pay Online Orders

If you are delivering food for restaurants that have Online Ordering it is often much more efficient to have Dispatchers place orders online and pay with a VIRTUAL ONLINE PAY CARD

There are several things we need to adjust in order to have this feature function properly so please pay attention to the steps and/or follow the video below closesly.

  1. Once you are in your admin backend navigate to SMART SERVICES

  2. After that select the SMART PAY tab within that tab

  3. From here you will need to select the proper location you need this Virtual Card in

  4. Now under ORDER CARDS tab you will need to select the CARD TYPE (change from physical to virtual)

  5. From here you will hit ORDER and double check on the left hand side list to see if your Virtual Card has been successfully created

  6. If your Virtual Card has been created you will now navigate to LOCATIONS from your admin backend and go to PAY ONLINE CARD where you will select the card you just created and leave notes if needed

  7. *** Notes can be anything you want to specify for your dispatchers

  8. In order for these notes to show up and to ensure dispatchers utilize this card you will now navigate to a specific restaurant profile you would like to use this feature on

  9. After that go to the FINANCIAL tab and select PAYMENT METHOD and change it to PAY ONLINE which will mean that dispatcher should utilize the Virtual Online Pay Card in order to process the order

    Video below will show you visually how to do this step by step.


  • Pay Online Card

  • Virtual Pay Card

  • Dispatcher Pay Online

  • Virtual Online Card

  • Place Online Pay Card