How to adjust your Pricing Plan

Need to change or update your pricing plan?

Step-by-step guide

You can see our pricing and differences between the plans HERE Each plan has the same one-time setup fee of $99 the main difference is the monthly minimum.  For Example, the startup plan has a $99 setup fee, with a 99c per transaction cost to be paid monthly at a $99 minimum monthly payment.  The $99 is only a minimum so if you do 110 orders at 99c you don't pay the $99 monthly minimum and the per order, you would only pay the per order so your total would be $108.90 for that month.

  1. View the plan options above, here is an example:

    • 50 orders at 99c = $49.5 because you did not reach the minimum you would pay the $99 monthly minimum

    • 150 orders at 99c = $148.50 because your per order transactions are over $99 you would pay that $148.50

    • The pricing setup is the same on every level. So as your volume increases you would have the option to manually decrease your per transaction fee by requesting a larger minimum payment.

  2. Choose the plan that best fits your business and reply here with your request. 

  3. Please keep in mind changes to your plan will not take effect until the following month unless called for in the first five days of the month. For example, if you request the change on Jan 5th the payment plan will be prorated starting Jan 1 and reflect on the Feb 3rd bill. If you make the request on or after request January 6th, the new pricing will take effect on Feb 1st and reflect on the March 3rd statement.

You can see the currently available plans, features they include and pricing below!


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