Partner Auto Pay Overivew

Utilizing our Auto Partner Pay feature is a really good step towards eliminating your tedious tasks and utilizing our automations to help you build your business further.


Your Partners can be paid automatically on a cycle of your choosing (when setting them up on AutoPay).

Important Information:

  1. We suggest daily payouts for partners and weekly for restaurants

  2. We suggest using Wednesday (best) or Thursday (good) as the pay date when doing weekly. This helps avoid payments being delayed a week due to holidays.

    1. If you pick Wednesday, the partner should receive funds from the prior Tuesday to that Monday.

    2. If you pick Monday, the partner will receive the funds from two Fridays back last Thursday.

      1. ***If Monday is a holiday, the payment from that Monday will be combined with the payment they receive the following NON-HOLIDAY Monday.

  3. All payments will not contain orders from the same day.

  4. Educate your partners on logging into the portal to view their payments and what orders those payments cover.

  5. If partners have questions, impersonate them to see their payments and pending payments and compare those with the cashout reports.



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