Partner Auto Pay - Restaurant

So you want to pay your restaurants automatically through our PartnerPay system?? Read on to learn more.

We'll be happy to turn the Restaurant Partner Pay feature for you, however, please note that you'll still need to run the Restaurant Invoice report to review for any orders that weren't paid automatically.  This would happen due to coupon code usage / gift certificates / cash orders etc.... We have plans to improve Restaurant Partner Pay in the future to handle for situations such as the aforementioned handful.  Please let us know if you want us to proceed with turning this on for you!

After you have us turn this feature on the steps you will need to set up each restaurant user:

  1. Create a new user in your admin and set their role as a restaurant.

2. Make sure their status is set to active and if you want that user to have the ability to add their bank/payout info you will need to check the box for master account. Only the master account will be able to access the payment setup tab.

3. Select the restaurant that user will have access to from the dropdown list.

4. Now have the restaurant user go to to be clear where it says yourrdswebsite is the name of your particular website for instance This is where the restaurant user you created will log in to edit menus, hours, set up their payment info etc.

5. Now you are all set. repeat process for each restaurant to get set up for their merchant access.