Promoters / Customer Referral Program

Promoters are one of the many ways you can expand and bring your Delivery Service to the next level.
Marketing through promoters can exponentially increase your order quantity and also help you open up some areas of your market that were maybe not so easily implemented with your current business plan and practices (ex. Hotels, Conference spaces, Hotels, Hospitals and Workplaces and many more)

There are a few different elements to creating and activating a promoter account and that’s what we will go over in this article.

If you don’t already have a coupon code ready for your Promoter, please make sure you do that in order to ensure your Promoter’s commissions are functioning properly.


  1. A promoter user account is a Customer account that has special permissions that allow it to get commissions from orders once another customer uses their PROMO CODE.
    Create a user account by navigating to the MARKETING tab in your admin backend as seen below


  2. From here we will be able to go to the PROMOTERS section that will let us see existing and create new promoters. On the right hand side of the screen you will be able to inject information that will create a “Promoter User Account” for your promoter.


  3. Once you have created a Promoter account you will see a couple of different tabs:

    1. Code = Which code (ex. 5OFF) is going to be used for the promoter to start receiving commission.
      (We will create a code later in this article)

    2. Commission Amount $ = If you would like to have a fixed value (ex. $2 per order) you would use this field

    3. Commission Percent % = If a promoter gets a % of the whole order (ex. 1% of order subtotal)

    4. Assigned Codes section will show which code a promoter has assigned and much commission they have earned from that specific code

    5. Information tab will inform you on Total commissions earned, recent order history from which this Promoter benefited as well as the Largest and Smallest amount of Commission they earned.


    6. While Admninistration tab will execute functions like Toggling Notifications (Email and/or Sms), Removing a Promoter from the system or adjusting their User Settings (Phone number, name and other)

    for a Promoter is the next step that will let you tie this setup together before we showcase how it functions for customers.

    1. In your admin backend navigate to COUPON CODES section


    2. Once here you will be able to create a custom coupon code for your Promoter and decide how it’s going to interact with the orders once the Coupon Code phrase is used once a customer is checking out with their order

      I have marked the most important settings that you should always double-check when creating a coupon code.

    3. Code field will be the phrase that the customers will use in order to get a discount from a specific promoter (ex. 5OFF, HOTELHILTON, THEBAR5, etc) get creative and make it interesting but also try to keep short so customers can apply the coupon easily.

    4. Deduct field decides if the coupon code is for a fixed amount or a percentage of the sub-total of the order

    5. Deduct from will let you choose what amount the Coupon Code deducts: Order subtotal, Order total or Delivery fee

    6. Order Type let’s you limit a Coupon Code to a Delivery or Takeout order (both available by default)

    7. Order Over sets a minimum amount a customer has to spend in order to use the coupon code, $20 in this example shown below, as you can see the Total is over $20 but the Subtotal of the food items is not.


    8. Other settings like: Availability by time of the day, restaurant, expiration date, days of the week and others are not as important because by default they will be open to all (Restaurants, Days, times) but they are worth checking out in case you have promoters for specific events, establishments, etc.

    9. Adding notes to these coupon codes is also available if you would like to put a special text from the promoter themselves or explain/offer other discounts for new customers.

    Once a Coupon Code is created we can now “assign” it to the promoter using the Promoters section.


  6. Once you have completed all of these steps you are all set and good to go. You can also check back to see how this Promoter is doing and how much commission they have earned under the “Information” tab.


  7. Checking how much the Promoters are owed is also very simple, simply select “Reports” on top left in your admin backend and navigate to
    PROMOTERS > CODE PROMOTERS > Select the name of the promoter, location and dates after which you will see a report that looks like this


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