Changing Brand Name On the Marketing Suite

About to switch brand names but are already using the marketing suite?  Want to be able to change business name in marketing suite?

Please Read Below

When you are setting up an automation / campaign you can alter the FROM and REPLY TO email addresses to any email address that you'd like to use. However, the long term and most in depth solution involves changing to and the repercussion of such a transfer are listed below:

"We can edit that account name from our backend, but take in account that links and images you have included in campaigns you have already sent will stop working. Can you confirm the change? If so, please provide me your new account name."

Also note the following: 

> past campaigns will no longer track stats
> images on templates would need to be updated
> form code you added on your site would also need to be updated

If you want to give me clearance for this, we can get it done with AC support team.  

Please send a ticket in order respond to your current ticket with explicit clearance to complete this task.  We should complete this task within 24 hours once reported.