New Startup/30 Day Trial Frequent Asked Questions

Q: What happens when I submit my trial request?

A: You will receive a phone call from someone on our team to answer any questions you have about the software or design packages and make sure our software is what you are looking for. Then the team member will approve your trial and in about 3-4 days you will get an email with your log in info so you can test our delivery software with a back end (where you edit settings/add menus/drivers) and a front end (customer facing website you can test) and we will follow up with you a few times throughout your trial to answer any questions you have.


Q: Will I be able to place test orders?

Yes you can submit orders as cash payment in your trial and then it will show up on your dispatcher so you can learn how to use the dispatcher. You can also create yourself a driver account, download the driver app, log in and send yourself an order as if you were going to deliver it. 


Q: I am not sure what I need to start my business do I need a design package and also a software package?

A: This depends on what you want to launch your business with, you can start with just a website for $99 and $99 a month or $0.99 per order on our base “startup” software package. Every software package seen here includes your admin, driverlogic driver app, orderlogic restaurant app, a basic website which you can put your logo on and change colors, set up restaurants, menus, hours, fees, zipcodes etc.


If you want a better looking website or customer mobile apps then you would need a design package seen here are separate one time purchases which are for a website upgrade or adding branded customer mobile apps for your business. So if you buy the $900 package we will have you choose from website templates we built for a new look for your website. If you purchase the $4900 package we will give you a website template plus customer mobile apps with your businesses name and logo on them in your own app store/google play store. If you purchase the $8000 package you get a custom website build plus the mobile apps.


Q: Can I use my own domain/website name that I already own?

A: Yes you will need to purchase your own domain from a domain host such as then when the time comes to launch your site we will have you go into your settings and point your nameservers to our software and your website will now operate using our software.


Q: What do I do if I like the software and am ready to start using the software?

A: You would purchase a package at  


Q: Can the restaurants log in to see payments/change their menu?

A: Yes there is a restaurant portal located at where the restaurant can update their hours, menu, see invoices etc. 


Q: How do I set up my first restaurant/menu/location?

A: View the training vids here: Then to learn more features after you have the basics down view our youtube page:

Also if you would like to have support to help you get set up from the beginning you can purchase the Business or Corporate package and we will create your business it’s own slack channel to communicate with our team.


Q: Do restaurants all have their own hours in the system?

A: Yes each vendor/restaurant operates on their own set of hours/menu/financial settings.


Q: Does the system have reports?

A: Yes you can pull reports for almost anything. 

Restaurant sales reports (includes showing commission % you entered for that restaurant) 

Driver reports (shows how many orders they did, delivery fees kept, tps made) 

Financial reports and much more. 


Q: Can I charge whatever fees I want to restaurants and customers? 

A: Yes you are the decider of what fees you will charge to restaurants/customers. These can be completely different fees for each restaurant if you wish. You can even charge customers % or flat dollar amount to order from certain restaurants but not others. Very many options for you to use.


Q: Do you have any pre loaded restaurants that I can use right away? 

A: You should signup local restaurants maybe 10-20 to start getting your business off the ground, then when you reach 250 orders per month in your admin under “marketplace” you can decide to activate our national partner restaurants which we have about 30 of including Applebees, Five guys, Red Robin, Ihop and more. We already have commission agreements with these restaurants set up and orders are sent from your dispatcher to POS system. Or you can also start on the Business or Corporate package and get access to the national partner restaurants right away.


Q: Do I have to dispatch my orders to restaurants and drivers and handle phone calls/chats or do you handle that for me?

A: There are a few options here. 

  1. You and your team members handle all of the dispatching yourself (can be done basically anywhere using a computer/laptop/phone) 

  2. We have auto dispatch which you can turn on in your marketplace which is $0.45 per order which will lessen the amount of dispatching you will have to do yourself. Auto dispatch will automatically send orders to restaurants at the time it calculates (if send method is POS, Tablet, Email or fax) and will send it to drivers. Auto dispatch uses the prep times which you can enter as an estimate for each restaurant in their settings, also the driver to order ratio, google drive times and can bundle multiple orders to drivers.

  3. We have a full service call center which will handle all sending orders to restaurants, drivers, and all customer, driver and restaurant communication. Contact us for pricing.


Q: I am located outside of the USA can I use your software? 

A: Yes, our software was made for the USA but we can set it up for outside of the USA as well. There is a charge needed to be paid in order for us to localize our software to work in your area ONLY if you are outside of the USA. Inside of the USA there is no extra charge. Contact us for pricing.


Q: If I need my website to have a different language can you do that?

A: Yes we can convert it to a different language. There will be a charge for that. Contact us for pricing.


Q: What credit card processing can I use? 

A: We use Stripe it is fully integrated in our software so everything is handled and reported right in your admin with us.


Q: I created a restaurant but it is not showing on my customer facing website what is wrong?

A: Make sure you clicked “make active” Also make sure there is a green 10 next to the restaurant name. If this is red it means the address you entered is not working within our system, try to change the address by a number or un abbreviate. Also make sure under “manage fees” tab within that restaurant that under “zone based fees” click the “select zone” dropdown and add a zone to that restaurant. This will enable customers within that zone to see that restaurant when trying to order.
Another link for restaurant setup: