Smart Pay Setup and Questions for Drivers

Smart Pay is a feature that utilizes stripe pay cards that get auto-loaded when your drivers need to pay for food on pick-up (fast food restaurants, when a restaurant’s online ordering system down and other situations)

There are a few settings that we want to make sure are correctly setup in order for this feature to work as intended and not cause you any hiccups while processing orders.

Step 1:
Navigating to your SMART SERVICES section on your admin backend
will let you see the SMART PAY tab which will let you submit your
information on the right hand side of that page to have your
Smart Pay Cards ordered as seen in the picture below.

In case you run into any issues while ordering cards this way, please order your
Smart Pay cards by following the link HERE and
submit a ticket titled “SmartPay Cards Order insert your rds name

Info that we will need in order to process your SmartPay Cards ticket:

  1. Delivery address information

  2. First and Last name (if you’re requesting Physical cards delivered)

  3. Location in which you need these cards in

  4. The amount of Physical cards you would like to order OR
    Amount of Virtual cards for online ordering that you will need.


For a visual representation please reference the video below.


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