Driver PoP (Pay on Pickup) Card Strict Mode

We are excited to announce a new feature on DeliverLogic for our valued clients. Our latest update provides the ability to use your driver pay on pickup cards in strict mode or non-strict mode. In this article, we'll guide you through the process of using this feature.

Enabling Pay on Pickup Protection:
To enable Pay on Pickup Protection, simply navigate to your settings button and select the smart pay button. A new checkbox will appear where you can turn on the feature. When enabled, Pay on Pickup Protection ensures that your driver's stripe pay on pickup cards are zeroed out when they are not assigned to a pay on pickup order.
It also limits the ability to use the pay on pickup card when it is not assigned to one.
We highly recommend keeping this checkbox checked to avoid any risks of driver theft.

Using Pay on Pickup in Non-Strict Mode:
There are situations where using Pay on Pickup in strict mode is not practical, such as when the online ordering system of one of your restaurants is turned off. In this scenario, the driver would need to place the order and pay for it.
If you have Pay on Pickup Protection enabled and need to use Pay on Pickup in non-strict mode, you would have to go into the restaurant profile and change the payment method from pay online to pay on pickup in the financial tab.

Using Pay on Pickup in Strict Mode:
If Pay on Pickup Protection is disabled, you won't have to change the payment method in the restaurant profile. However, we recommend using strict mode whenever possible to avoid any potential issues.


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