OrderLogic App Troubleshooting for Restaurants


If you have issues with your WiFi please check the following:

  1. Swiping from the top of your tablet to bottom you will open the quick settings/notifications tab, tap and hold on the WiFi icon to open WiFi settings.

  2. Locate your WiFi name (If you are not sure what it is you will have to take a look at the back/bottom of your WiFi router select the right name and input the correct password)

  3. If your tablet connected to a different open WiFi make sure you tap on that connection and select “Forget” in order to only have the selected Restaurant WiFi to connect

  4. Utilizing the 2.4Ghz connection is always preferred since it’s more stable than 5Ghz (Usually you can see it in the name of the WiFi connection before selecting to connect to it)

If you have issues seeing the orders even after confirming that your WiFi connection is good and stable try the following:

  1. When you’re in the OrderLogic app under the ORDERS main screen swipe from top to bottom in order to manually refresh the current orders

  2. If you still can’t see orders that were sent to you click on the Gear icon or expand the menu on the top left and Logout after which you should log back in right away and see if that fixes the issue you’re experiencing

  3. Make sure that your tablet is in Portrait mode for the orders to properly display

  4. Make sure you are under CURRENT ORDERS tab and not in SCHEDULED or COMPLETED

If you are having issues logging in make sure you write the username and password exactly as shown in your Account activation e-mail (capital letters matter)


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